1:1 Arts Business Training

If you’re serious about being successful as an artist, I have a coaching package for you.

“Rachel has been coaching me since May this year and I have doubled the total of last year’s sales in just the first four months so far, she is amazing!” – Joanne Stead

Over the course of ten sessions we create an immediately implemented, living arts business plan.

In this program we will:

  • Choose the appropriate Career Pathway for you, aka your business model
  • Create personalised Audience Building strategies
  • Get clear on what is unique about your art so you can talk about what you do clearly
  • Plan your Income Streams and set Realistic Goals
  • Learn how to Price and Sell your work without feeling like a sell-out
  • Develop your personalised Networking Strategies
  • Develop your personalised Press Strategies
  • receive Website Guidance where required
  • receive Mindset and Confidence coaching where required

Because it’s 1:1 coaching it’s 100% personalised to you so you’re not going to have to do anything that feels ‘fake’ or inauthentic. Also, it’s actually fun!!

We combine business strategy and traditional coaching so you have the practical steps AND it’s in alignment with who you are and plays to your strengths. We also address any blocks to success so you can move forward quickly. You implement your plan in between sessions so we are able to troubleshoot anything as you go.

This program will set you up for continued, sustainable success and you will continue to receive the benefits of the coaching training long after our coaching term has finished.

For the full prospectus, please email me and ask for the ‘Freedom to Create’ program outline. I coach via Skype or in person in Berlin.

It’s called ‘Freedom to Create’ because don’t most of us want to make money from our art simply so that we can have more time freedom to create more art?