“I have just finished Rachel’s 1:1 coaching for new artists and I can’t
even begin to tell you how much it has totally been worth the investment. I feel like it has been a priceless investment in myself and my own future. I now have a business plan, marketing plan, social media plan and work calendar for the next 12 months. It has really helped me decide what to focus on and has given me a vision of what drives me and how all of my passions tie together.  Rachel has helped me to understand how to then feed this message into all of my posts and marketing. I feel so much more organised and purposeful.  Rather than just enjoying what I’m doing and seeing where it goes, which is where I was before, I am now feeling much more like I am in the drivers seat and that I’m actually going after something.

I have seen some amazing outcomes over the past 5 months, including securing a really big solo exhibition in Brisbane, something I never would have foreseen happening in my first 18 months as a working artist.

Beyond that, beyond even the amazing outcomes, Rachel has been an incredible coach because she has believed in me. She has literally believed in me, and had a bigger vision for my art career than I did at the outset, and she has slowly convinced me to believe in that vision too.

Rachel’s business and marketing nous has been priceless and I don’t know what I would do without her. I will be asking her to continue coaching me, because of the value it has brought to my burgeoning career so far.”

Joanne Stead, www.joannestead.com


“After some early success in my art career, I slowly began to feel incredibly overwhelmed with all the various avenues an artist could go down to promote themselves and finally I lost my creative drive. I really got to a point where I thought it would be easier to give it all up.

Rachel helped me to identify clear reasons as to why art is such a big part of my life and together we set goals for myself, independent of the art world and social media. In stepping back and focusing first on my creative self I was able to work through my creative blocks. After this choosing the right methods to promote my art became easy.

Since working with Rachel my work has been published in an international art magazine and I have got my creative drive back in making new work.”

-Claudia Maneka Maharaj, www.manekalights.com


“I had neglected my passions for an entire decade. My days were consumed by a monotonous office job which gave me no joy and gradually turned me into a person I barely recognised. October 2014 was my breaking point; I finally took the plunge & quit my job, which was both completely terrifying and exhilarating. There was no grand plan as to what I would do next, I only knew what I had been yearning for – to create.

When I met Rachel I was completely lost, with little to no direction, ironically I didn’t even know what I needed coaching in. As a naturally shy person I was quite bewildered as to what I would even say in my first session.

Those initial worries seem so petty now, because from the very first moment I met Rachel, the session flowed so naturally. I left my first coaching session with a simple solid goal; to apply for a pottery class. I also left with a completely new perspective; this was no longer a time of hopelessness and confusion, but rather an opportunity for exploration, to be relished.

I pinch myself when I look back on the past twelve months. There are the physical reminders of what Rachel’s guidance helped me to achieve, like my ever growing bowl collection which fills my heart with pride. There are the weekly classes I go to, those three hours a week that have transformed my world. There is my preloved and most treasured pottery wheel I recently invested in, and my current project to convert my ugly, cluttered garage into an inspiring studio space. And then there are the things in which I cannot measure, which are truly more valuable than all these things combined.

Today I am a person who is more assertive and adventurous, far more brave and content. I know that my journey has only just begun and I look forward to taking these things I’ve discovered within myself. The things which were always there, but Rachel helped to uncover, because she was so patient, kind, assuring and wise. She somehow knew the right questions to gently guide me to my true direction.

Rachel is indeed a remarkable human and an inspiring coach whom I’m eternally grateful to have met”

-Ash Davidson, Instagram @kitesintrees


“Hello Rachel, Thank you for the info and thanks again for meeting with me, it was very empowering, uplifting, invigorating and motivating!” – Martin


“The opportunity to have an art coaching session with Rachel came up as I was scrolling through my daily search on ArtConnect Berlin. Being unemployed and a bit frustrated with aspects of my art career I thought it would be worth a shot to try out a session. I had never done anything like that before- and although open to it, I have to admit that going in I was definitely skeptical.

I met Rachel at a nice little cafe for our session. The moment we introduced ourselves and started chatting, all of my prejudgements flew out the window. Speaking with her felt instantly natural, like an everyday meeting with any of my good friends. We talked about where I stood with my art- what I was satisfied with – what not, and most importantly about long and short term goals. Although I’ve talked about the same things over and over with my friends and husband – it felt much more concrete and clear talking it out with Rachel.

My short term goal ended up being to write and illustrate a short story within the next month. I felt so energized after our meeting that I was immediately fired up to start writing. I found that having the push of knowing someone was “watching” my progress really helped me stick to the task. I completed the book on time, and looking back I really don’t know if I would have done it without our coaching session. 

Rachel is truly lovely to speak to, encouraging, organized and innovative.  She puts herself on an equal standing, while at the same time maintains a professional demeanour. I was pleasantly surprised by our meeting, and will definitely go to her in the future! Thanks!”

Esther Samuels-Davis, www.dirtyliketheweeds.com


”Rachel’s coaching has opened up my understanding of what could be and how to get there. AKA ‘possibility thinking’, this mindset has given me a drive to succeed and keep going. Through ongoing and simple steps, Rachel’s has improved my desire to move forward. I’m generally a positive thinker but at times when I get distracted, Rachel has encouraged me to keep painting and keep believing.

The coaching and feedback has definitely given me a positive strategy, something to aim for and a purpose and mostly a belief that this is within my grasp, very attainable, very possible.   I’m a very confident artist but really I didn’t have any idea about how to get ahead in art. I welcomed Rachel’s input. Sometimes you just need a bit of guidance, a steering in the right direction by someone who sees things from a different vantage point.

I recommend Rachel’s coaching program and guidance to anyone who fits this scenario and needs breakthrough.”

Rob Ferguson, Instagram @robertfergusonart


“Hi Rachel, since our Skype call, I’ve worked towards making networks with other artists to expand my exhibition experience. I currently have two future collaborations that feature local galleries. I also have entered another local art prize which includes exhibiting. And I just reached my yearly goal of making Master of Photography with the AIPP. Still goals to reach. But so pleased you gave me a positive spin on chasing goals. You have made me accountable.”