About Rachel

Hi, I’m Rachel.

The intersection where creativity and pragmatism meet is where I reside as a creativity coach and coach to artists.

I love helping artists, creatives and ‘un-creatives’  overcome their blocks, increase their creativity and find fulfilling and practical paths for their lives and careers. 

For me, coaching is a form of collaborative art in itself.

As an Artist Coach I draw on the following life and professional experiences (aka, the optional reading, street cred so you know where I’m at):

  • In two years I have individually coached over 150 artists from thirty+ different nationalities
  • I hold a Navigation Arts Business Training certificate
  • Cert IV Small Business Management certificate
  • Trained in life coaching with the School of Coaching Mastery
  • Ongoing study of creativity coaching (primarily the work of Eric Maisel)
  • Qualified Art Therapist with an Advanced Diploma of Art Therapy
  • Two years part time work as an art therapist in mental health recovery and family and carer education and support
  • Experience running numerous creativity workshops in Australia
  • Bachelor of Photography majoring in photographic art practice, Diploma of Photography, Cert III in Art and Technology (yeah, I like studying)
  • My artwork has been exhibited across two continents
  • I have been a finalist in most major photographic art prizes in Australia
  • In 2011 I  received a $10,000 career development grant to make art in Berlin and present my photographic work in Paris
  • My work has been published in books and magazines
  • My photographic art is in private collections across three continents
  • I have run a photography business across two continents
  • Primarily self-employed since 2009
  • Worked in a top Australian photography studio for five years prior to that
  • Leadership and advocacy training through Girl Guides, including time working on social projects in India.
  • Overcoming depression, anxiety and burnout in my own life
  • Living life as a person curious about multiple modalities
  • an empathetic, caring and passionate person who believes we can all make a difference in this world
  • All the other learnings I’ve gained through life experience and being dedicated to living life fully alive.

Coaching is, at this stage, an unregulated profession, therefore I wish to state that I firmly believe in conducting my coaching work with a high standard of integrity, ethics and professionalism. I acknowledge my limitations (I do not know everything about everything), I do not make false promises or use hard-sell techniques, I conduct my marketing activities with integrity, I price my services fairly and seek regular supervision to ensure that I am living up to my own standards of professionalism and serving my clients as best as I can.

I work with clients internationally. 


I’d love to invite you to make this introduction that’s currently all about me into a conversation about you too.

Feel free to email me using the contact form in the menu. Let me know a little about yourself!


Disclaimer: Coaching is not a substitute for therapy, medical services or the diagnosis or treatment of mental illness. I am not a financial or legal advisor and all information is provided for general purposes, please consult the relevant professional for in-depth information appropriate to your circumstances and exercise discretion in how you use all information provided.