Welcome to The Great Creative Life

Hi! I’m Rachel Marsden.

As a coach to artists and creatives, I support you in building your great creative life.

I love to combine arts business/career strategies with mindset, life and creativity coaching. It’s real world pragmatic and sensitive to what’s going on in your inner world.

Working as an artist can be a lonely and challenging path.  Let’s change that.

As an artist coach I help you feel more confident and get more of your art made and out into the world.


Art matters. Ideas matter. Creativity matters. The art you make matters.

Art is one of the greatest gifts we can offer the world and creativity is essential not only to an individual’s wellbeing, but to our culture(s) as well. 

On a personal level, living a creative life is highly fulfilling and brings a lot of meaning to each and every moment. Your life is your greatest artwork.

It is by going beyond what we imagine is possible for ourselves as individuals and as a global community that we can make the world a more beautiful place. 

The world needs your best work, especially now.  I would love to support you in making that happen.

Art matters. So make more art. More is possible than you can imagine.

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How I help Artists

Artist = working in any creative field, including but not limited to: visual arts, photography, writing, film, dance, music and creative project management.

1:1 Consulting on the practicalities of being an artist 

  • Artist’s Business Planning – choose your pathway as an artist and create a clear and immediately implementable plan that will move you towards the career you want.
  • Develop your income streams as an artist 
  • Organise your first shows efficiently in order to get the most out of them in terms of audience building, PR and sales.
  • Know who your people are – let’s take a close look at your art, cultivate your unique value proposition and define your target market so you can build your audience and make more sales of your work.
  • Working as an artist in Berlin  general consultation on getting started here
  • General guidance for artists – shows, artist bios and statements, websites, entering awards, applying for grants and residencies, applying to galleries, help finding resources, crowd-funding, audience building, being good at what you do.
  • Ongoing project support for long-term creative projects – a combination of consulting + coaching. Practical strategies plus coaching support in staying confident and focused.

Mindset,  productivity and confidence coaching for artists

  • Know thyself – why are you an artist in the first place? When things get hard sometimes it’s easy to forget. Let’s get you clear on your motivations so you can make decisions more easily.
  • Creative process – coaching to help you be focused, prolific, productive and proud of the work you’re creating.
  • Burnout recovery – get your inspiration and confidence back and manage your energy after going through a burnout or other set-back (this is not a replacement for therapy for severe burnout, but a good sister service to take productive steps forward again)
  • Inner-critic work – let’s get that draining inner gremlin on your team instead of against you.
  • Accountability – get things done! We can use the coaching sessions as accountability and/or I can coach you on how to set up accountability beyond our paid coaching sessions. On top of that, I can help you get to a point where external accountability is no longer required.
  • Creativity Development for artists and non-artists. Think more openly, imaginatively, creatively, get out of your own constricted ways of thinking and find new wonder in your own mind.

Workshops, talks and groups.

I offer arts business training workshops and talks for schools, universities and organisations. Get in touch if you’d like me to speak to your group or join the mailing list to be informed about forthcoming workshops.

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I look forward to discussing your creative life and artistic projects with you!